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At Evidos, we have a passion for digital evidence. It is our view that digital evidence is crucial for digitally transforming business processes and introducing new business models. With every innovative idea, the question arises who is on the other side of the line and whether it is legally valid. Since the start of Evidos in 2008, founders Kick Willemse and Zivko Lazarov have had only one goal in mind: to ensure that everyone can do business online safely, easily and legally. And we do everything we can every day to make this happen. It starts with evidence.


Catalyst for innovation

In many innovation projects, organizations only add the right evidential value at the last minute. A shame, because Evidos' solutions are a catalyst for innovation, especially in the start-up phase. It is important to think about how to introduce the right evidential value at the outset; is it allowed by the legislator and supervisor, what is the impact on the customer experience, is it safe and reliable? It starts with evidence.


A great start for everyone: companies and end users

With our identification and digital signature, we often stand at the cradle of a good start for our end users. With our products we make many life-changing moments possible, we are proud of that! That loan for a motorhome, the birth of a child, the purchase of a house, it all starts with evidence. 

Practice what you preach

At Evidos we strive for optimal safety and reliability of our products and services. We have to continuously prove this reliability and that starts with ourselves. Our employees are aware of this and work with passion to improve this reliability every day. It starts with evidence.


Society, that's us

Our products and services are intrinsically sustainable and reduce paper waste and road traffic by doing business remotely. We aim to make a social contribution for the long term and we also consciously build sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers.

But we also want to be socially relevant in a broader sense. We contribute to the goals of the United Nations and try to become a little more sustainable. We encourage local initiatives and employees, customers and partners to contribute to this. Because also when it comes to sustainability: it starts with evidence.

Kick Willemse
Founder Evidos (ondertekenen.nl / signhost.com)

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